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We all know that individual experiences create a powerful filter through which we see the world, and don't we all wonder to what extent others see our reality and share our personal mythologies? Is your emotional experience the same as mine? As a photographer, my goal is to build a bridge between my vision and yours. When I capture an image, I am looking for moments of behaviour that are, in some small way, new to me. They move me, and it is my goal to make images that will trigger similar responses in others. My images are a way to share what I've discovered, because I think it might be something you'll also enjoy.
I became serious about photography after retiring from a university position in the life sciences, so all of the images in these galleries were captured after 2007.


Retirement from an academic career has given me the time to pursue my love for photography and the opportunity to discover new photographic passions, including street photography and the photomontage. The photomontage, or photo composite, technique involves combining several photographs together for artistic effect and to represent more aspects of the subject than can be shown in a single photograph.
The art of photo-montage has been around almost since the invention of photography. However it was in the 1920s that it became more widely accepted after it was embraced by the dadaists as a new means of expression. Here was a technique that fell somewhere between painting and photography, producing images that can push the boundaries of the assumed representational truth of photography.